Jacksonville’s Top-Rated Residential & Commercial Pool Maintenance Company

At Supreme Pool Care LLC, we have grown to be one of Jacksonville's best pool service maintenance companies by offering our customers quality, reliable, and friendly service options. As one of the few local pool service companies that is veteran-owned and operated in the greater metro Jacksonville area, we offer a variety of pool maintenance and repair services that can all be customized to meet your specific pool or spa needs.

Our weekly commercial pool maintenance agreements typically include the following pool service maintenance options. Although customizable, these are basic maintenance options suggested by the professionals at Supreme Pool Care to ensure the swimming pool or spa’s water is clean and safe for everyone –

  • Clean debris and leaves from the pool.

  • Brush pool fixtures and walls to eliminate the spread of algae and other sediments.

  • Vacuum sediment that has landed at the bottom of the pool.

  • Clean debris from the skimmer to allow it to work at maximum efficiency.

  • Monitor filters and backwash filters as necessary.

  • Test the water in the pool to determine which chemicals might need adjusting. This also includes water shock-treatments that eliminate organic matter like dirt, bacteria, or algae, from the pool or spa water, to name a few.

Supreme Pool Care also specializes in the repair of swimming pool motors, pumps, filters, and heaters, among other equipment. Each of our team members passes through our rigorous hiring practice, developed over years of experience.

Are you a pool owner or a property manager who works or lives in and around the Jacksonville metropolitan area and are looking for a top-rated commercial pool maintenance company? Let our pool maintenance professionals provide you with a no-cost quote.

Allow us to uncomplicate your life and give you more time to enjoy your pool. Supreme Pool Care LLC offers a variety of pool maintenance and services, with the skills and knowledge to meet most pool projects that present themselves. Remember, at Supreme Pool Care, we offer our customers the following guarantees -

  • Quality customer service with a smile.

  • Experienced professional team members.

  • Professional care & attention to detail.

  • Service that will be completed as scheduled and on-time.

  • Reasonable & competitive pricing for services and repairs.

Supreme Pool Care is ready to provide a no-fee, no-hassle quote for customers interested in any of our customizable pool maintenance and service options. Or, if you prefer, our team members can be reached by email, or you can jump online and use our proprietary contact form.