Swimming Pool Repair and Service in the Greater Metro Jacksonville Area

Over the years, Supreme Pool Care LLC has grown to become one of the best swimming pool repair and service companies located throughout the greater Jacksonville metro area. Our pool maintenance team serves pool owners and property managers by providing quality swimming pool repair and service options for commercial and residential pools.

So, if you have been scouring the internet searching, using the phrase best pool service near me - let us send you a no-cost quote regarding our many pool and spa service options. Our team members at Supreme Pool Care LLC can be reached by email or by telephone at 904-704-3922.

Our team of pool maintenance professionals completes our rigorous training program, which is why we have complete confidence in the service they deliver. Among the pool cleaning and repair services available are -

  • A Full Pool Service – this regularly scheduled pool maintenance option offers pool owners sparkling and inviting blue water at all times.

  • A Chemical Service Only Service– a once a week option to ensure safe and appropriate chemical levels, are appropriate and safe. This also includes the cleaning of the pumps and/or skimmer baskets.

  • One-time pool cleaning and repair, as needed.

  • Vacation cleaning –enjoy your vacation – without worry!

  • A Pool Inspection to determine the condition of the pool if you are considering buying a home

With regard to swimming pool repairs, Supreme Pool Care LLC’s pool maintenance professionals specialize in swimming pool motors, pumps, filters, and heaters, among other equipment.

Supreme Pool Care is ready to provide a quote for a specific project or maintenance schedule simply by completing this brief online form. If you prefer, our team members at Supreme Pool Care LLC can be reached by email or by telephone at 904-704-3922.